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      Todd A. Stevens, President and Chief Executive Officer金沙网站


      Michael L. Preston, Senior Executive Vice President, Chief
      Administrative Officer and General Counsel

      Marshall D. Smith, Senior Executive Vice President and
      Chief Financial Officer

      Shawn M. Kerns, Executive Vice President, Operations and Engineering金沙网站

      Francisco J. Leon, Executive Vice President, Corporate Development and Strategic Planning金沙网站

      Roy Pineci, Executive Vice President, Finance金沙网站

      Charles F. Weiss, Executive Vice President, Public Affairs金沙网站

      Darren Williams, Executive Vice President, Operations and Geoscience金沙网站


      Scott Espenshade

      Senior Vice President - Investor Relations

      (818) 661-6010
      邮箱 Investor Relations


      American Stock Transfer and Trust Company, LLC

      Shareholder 服务

      6201 15th Avenue
      Brooklyn, NY 11219
      (866) 659-2647


      California Resources Corporation

      Attn: Land Administration
      11109 River Run Blvd.
      Bakersfield, CA 93311
      (855) 272-5519
      Owner Relations Help Desk

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